January 8, 2014 #smallstones

when I write about Emily
behind the scenes I am thinking
about my sister Phillis,
kidnapped and brought
to Colonial America from Africa,
enslaved, she mastered English
and blossomed as a writer of verse.
She died a free woman, a poet,
but her husband destroyed all her work.
Chained to a bad husband
might be worse than slavery.


Author: Raymond Maxwell

https://raymmaxx.wordpress.com/ Librarian, archivist-in-training, retired foreign service officer and Navy veteran.

3 thoughts on “January 8, 2014 #smallstones”

  1. It would be slavery, wouldn’t it, Ray? That is indeed sad that her husband, the one who was supposed to care for and cherish her, destroyed the last vestige of her being by destroying her poetry. That says a lot about his character, i think, or rather lack of….


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