first poem of 2015

if I had my way
these poems would all
be written/printed
on transparent paper –

or at least a translucent
But why, you ask?
To see through the page,
of course,
with the only obstruction
to pure view
being the printed word itself

after 2 years of sabbatical,
of self-reflection
and introspective thought,
of good and garbage poetry
regularly posted and blogged,
I am back to work –
but in a new world,
and making it newer –

and writing for work
is taking over all
that free time
I used to have.
Prose is asserting itself
on me, but some poetry,
some verse
may yet leak out, spill over
on the sides.


Author: Raymond Maxwell Librarian, archivist, retired foreign service officer and Navy veteran.

3 thoughts on “first poem of 2015”

  1. writing poetry is a good habit,
    but suffering a job is not worthy unless you have no other choice.
    good luck.

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