from the archives – a prayer-song for Mother’s Day

“She delights the earth
with her footsteps,
and in speaking, fulfills
the desires of the deaf…”

A flower, a synesthetic glow…
an inflorescent melody
(in search of combination)
that violates its meter
and disregards its rhythm
(as defined by classic standards)
to uphold its right to grow.

A pearl, a diamond,
cast among swine…
tomorrow is retrieved from the rubbish
and polished to a more brilliant luster.

A vessel, undefiled…
well built and well prepared:
to weather all the storms and blasts;
to sail the oceans, deep and vast;
to overcome the dark morass;
to persevere until the last –
and with me, heaven, share.

(I wrote this poem 40 years ago, the summer of my mother’s passing)


Author: Raymond Maxwell Librarian, retired foreign service manager and former naval officer. Strong interests in information architecture, instructional design, critical pedagogy, taxonomies and metadata management, information governance, and cultural heritage preservation.

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