Finally. At the airport. We have arrived –
our voyage almost complete. Finished.
This leg. As GSO I spent so many days here,
so many late nights meeting visitors,
crews, teams for our new building project.

Half all caught up in a series of local dramas.
I remained detached, aloof, aware
of the inconsequentiality
of fleeting troubles, phantoms that soon fade.

Goodbye for now, Mama Africa! We have
your hopes & dreams, cross-stitched with our own,
your cabeceira, veludo, and faroba,
your malagueta and honey in our baggage –
the sweetened waters of Pinjiguiti,
the reddened stain of palm oil on our lips.


Author: Raymond Maxwell Librarian, retired foreign service manager and former naval officer. Strong interests in information architecture, instructional design, critical pedagogy, taxonomies and metadata management, information governance, and cultural heritage preservation.

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