Bissau city notes, pt. 2

Bandim, the principle market
is both larger and denser
than 20 years ago. But it still
has the same heartbeat & pulse,
the same rhythm and bassline.
It is the same living organism,
just bigger, without doubt.
Bissau is the Chicago of West Africa.

Memories crowd
the reflective space – informing,
seeking effect. But I learned
last night the past has no life,
only rest & peace in an unkept
cemetery. A garbage dump outside
the walls where pigs and buzzards
co-habitate, picking through the trash –
and people drinking beer nearby,
without a care on a December night.


Author: Raymond Maxwell Librarian, retired foreign service manager and former naval officer. Strong interests in information architecture, instructional design, critical pedagogy, taxonomies and metadata management, information governance, and cultural heritage preservation.

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