walking about thoughts (from Bissau verses)

It is not so easy to walk these broken streets,
and not become incensed, radicalized
by all the obvious asymmetries

one sees. Women on each corner selling
fruit & shrimp & peanuts & cashews.
Men in big cars with big bald shaven heads.

The table spread. Each outlaw seated.
The chiefs and the youngest of the 3rd generation
The chiefs and youngest of the 4th. All gathered

The imams have arrived from Guinea &
Sierra Leone, from Morocco and Mauritania,
from Niger and Mali, from Senegal and Gambia.

Unguarded frontier & porous borders =
weak state. Everything is ripe for the picking.


Author: Raymond Maxwell

https://raymmaxx.wordpress.com/ Librarian, archivist, retired foreign service officer and Navy veteran.

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