#NaPoWriMo2016 – Day 10

Reminiscences on my parents’ 61st anniversary

We eat Chinese food on Fridays, mostly,
fish makes it sort of Catholic, partly,
and having it on Fridays is Islamic
and Jewish, maybe. Truth is we are not
religious at all. We have made peace
with our choices and our burial preferences
are listed in our wills. I do regret
my youthful indiscretions, the time I snuck
off my boat on a duty day, the night
I spent with a girl who turned out to be
a drug dealer could have been my last,
not for drugs, mind you, let’s be clear.
A cute, sweet girl, a Georgia peach,
a country girl my mother would have loved.

Some Milt Jackson for a Sunday afternoon:


Author: Raymond Maxwell

https://raymmaxx.wordpress.com/ Librarian, archivist-in-training, retired foreign service officer and Navy veteran.

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