Laundry poems

I renewed my subscription to Poetry
because it was half price,
And I still haven’t read the volumes
from two years ago. 

Some issues are still in their wrappers –
it’s hard to write poetry and read it
at the same time. Think my next project
will be a novel. 

Of course, nothing is more fun
than composing in twitter. Well,
maybe Periscope might be interesting –
real time, live, in color,

and direct to the reader. Can you feel
my pulse, see my breath fogging up
the mirror? Does the flow of words
make any sense at all?




Drinking coffee raises my blood pressure –
well actually caffeine thickens my ventricle walls,

making my whole heart work harder,
which in turn raises my blood pressure –

well, maybe that’s not what happens at all,
but I feel a heaviness and a tiredness

after drinking it. Coffee, that is. But I love
the taste and adore the process of making it.

Coffee, that is. And tea is cool and everything –
but it is not even a close substitute.




Author: Raymond Maxwell Librarian, archivist, retired foreign service officer and Navy veteran.

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