from the archives – a sonnet to soothe in times like these

Sonnet #38 – Damascene Sonnet

You lose some things you cherish as you pass
through life’s transitions. Letters you received
may not survive a flood — first drafts of poems
you wrote get lost in shipments — coffee mugs
disappear, book collections may not stay
intact when divorce or death parts the waves
of time. Friendships and associations
you thought would be there in your grayer years
may only survive a season, or not —
and reasons for a friendship come and go
like tides that flood and ebb and flood again.
The things that last a lifetime, then, are rare
and few, and even random….so enjoy
the fleeting now, breathe deeply, smile freely.
Damascus, Syria July 2009


Author: Raymond Maxwell Librarian, retired foreign service manager and former naval officer. Strong interests in information architecture, instructional design, critical pedagogy, taxonomies and metadata management, information governance, and cultural heritage preservation.

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