assorted recent haiku

You told me. It’s true.
Sometimes I’m slow and miss stuff.
Blame the all boys’ school.

postscript. I never
applied for the PG county
job. Weekends required.

Went to bed early
last night. Couldn’t tolerate
Scandal on TV.

Portuguese I claim
To speak – mas poesia –
Poco dificil –

Eu vou tentar –
Pacienca por favor –
mas tudo legal.

social media
boycott today – see sonnet
I posted ontem.

If they take her back,
they deserve what she brings them –
third-rate thuggery.

resistance, dissent –
what you get when you treat spoiled
white kids like the help

if you drain the swamp
and the pimps and whores remain –
it’s still a whorehouse.

K Street used to be
whorehouses, undertakers –
now – the high, mighty.

is not always a bad word –
but will you convert?

Be – unlike the world –
inside, all around, and out –
opposites attract.


Author: Raymond Maxwell Librarian, archivist-in-training, retired foreign service officer and Navy veteran.

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