#BlaPoWriMo – Saturday night special sonnet

Each universe with which we interact
demands of us a level of respect
and complicity, yes, complicity,
while we wonder if we are hypocrites,
or merely disbelievers. As if it
even matters. And what doesn’t kill us
endows us, becomes our strength and power,
our shelter in a storm. The paths we trod
we tread, the record of our deeds becomes
our judgment day, our immortality.
Be patient with me – I’m not finished yet.
Pay no attention to my southern charm,
that folksiness you underestimate
is just a steady cadence for my march.

7 thoughts on “#BlaPoWriMo – Saturday night special sonnet

  1. Cheryl Lawson

    Whew! I resemble that… and the struggle between complicity and hypocrisy.

    I think it matters. It appears to me you think it matters, as it matters to all those who serve and sacrifice…as it matters for the arts. I think it all matters, and balance is the key…the savior.

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