BlaPoWriMo – from the archives

Some Errant Wednesday Thoughts

It’s Wednesday, which means I’ll spend
the afternoon at work at the reference desk.
But I’d much rather stay comfortably at home,
sip French-pressed coffee in my trendy sweats,
and read poems my friends post on Facebook.

And what will they say of my verses when
I am gone? It’s fair to be circumspect
about the other side, the end of now.

Do you think they’ll call my verses amateur
(that’s what I call myself, I’ll never make
any money off non-rhyming poetry!)?
Will they criticize my work as shallow,
superficial, a bit naive? Or maybe dark,
troubled, complex (only out of a sense
of charity, of course). It won’t matter
that much to me – I’ll be resting peacefully,
with the poets, down by the river.

Author: Raymond Maxwell Librarian, archivist, retired foreign service officer and Navy veteran.

4 thoughts on “BlaPoWriMo – from the archives”

  1. I know I’m not “they” but who is “they” for you.
    My two cents: I’m not a critic nor am I educated in the art of poetry, but I can say that you have spoken to me. You make me think and feel. In my world that’s a wonderful thing. That’s all I know.

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  2. I’m sure you’ve thought of this, and like my son, despise being encouraged when the world isn’t rewarding you as you deserve, but where would ‘they’ be without Van Gogh, who sold only two paintings in his life, and now ‘they’ can’t get enough of his artwork. Also, there was Carl Sandberg, a fairly dreadful poet, imho, who was famous and rich. Go figure. I love your poetry, indulge my silly metaphor here, it’s like coming to a well of the cool, clean water of thought that refreshes. And never say never.

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