Act One, Scene One – Me and Walt on the first week of ModPo

Me: No, August Postcard Poetry Fest is not related to August Wilson.
Walt: “Well, how do you know? August Wilson wrote poetry, didn’t he?”
Me: Yes, he did, but the Postcard Poetry Fest didn’t start until two years after his death.
Walt: “He did live in Seattle, didn’t he?”
Me: Yes.
Walt: “And the Poetry Fest is run out of Seattle?’
Me: Nearby.
Walt: “And he did write poetry and plays on all types and bits of paper, right?”
Me: So they tell me. I have yet to see his papers, though as an archivist I would love to see them.
Walt: “So how do you KNOW he never wrote a poem on a postcard?”
Me: I don’t KNOW with certainly that he didn’t. In fact, he might have. Now I’m just as crazy as you!

Author: Raymond Maxwell Librarian, archivist, retired foreign service officer and Navy veteran.

4 thoughts on “Act One, Scene One – Me and Walt on the first week of ModPo”

  1. I’m not sure who Walt is –sounds just crazy enough to be one of my relatives but I don’t think so –however, if he’s really interested in knowing the whole kit ‘n kaboodle about the Postcard Fest, send him to Paul Nelson’s home page – he has a detailed history of how and when it started, whose idea it was, who helped with it, etc. etc. And no, there was never a Walt involved as far as I could tell. A Lana and a Brian early on, but no Walt.


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