From the archives: As we anticipate yet another trans-Atlantic voyage

Return to Africa Again

my wife brought me here for healing –
“the African sun will do you good.”

And here I am, bathed in family
and tribal love. My village
surrounds me. The ladies bring
fresh fruit and warm bread
and no part of it
is genetically modified.

Flesh still a bit tender from the cut,
but the stitches are beginning to dissolve.

I boil some bottled water for tea –
then watch the housekeeper top it off
with water from the tap – they say
once you have tasted from the waters
of Pindjiguiti – waters made sweet
by the blood of the martyrs,
their bitter sweat, their salty tears –
you will always remember Bissau.

The old man in Caliquisse
told me returning was part
of the spiritual deal we struck.

Author: Raymond Maxwell Librarian, archivist, retired foreign service officer and Navy veteran.

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