from the archives – homage to Walt Whitman

Song of self (homage to Grandpa Walt)

I am that Irish pennant –
sticking out from a hem or a seam,
that, if you pull on me,
the whole thing unravels/disintegrates

I am the canary in the coal mine –
When my song singing ceases,
the fresh air that you need to breathe
to survive is just about to run out

I am the A-ganger in AMR II –
running the O2 generator, the CO2 scrubber,
and the H2 burner in close, tight synchronicity,
in melodic harmony the compressors speak
to each other, while I maintain the nitrogen
and the oxygen balance throughout the boat.

I am the fly in the ointment –
a textual discontinuity,
a corruption in a pure system,
a something that just won’t fit in

I am the sentinel species –
my presence or my absence,
or my well-being a sign
of the relative health of the ecosystem

December 23, 2013

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