From the archives – Cosmos Club

When I was a young pup and a struggling undergrad, I worked briefly with a friend doing janitorial work. One of our contracts was with a local entertainment venue in Greensboro, the Cosmos Club. We would come in after midnight on weekends, clear away the trash, clean the tables, and mop, strip and wax the floors. Of course, I imagined coming there to party, though I never traveled in those circles. So I wrote a poem about it. 1976.

Cosmos Club

Come in, come in . . .
Let the smoke invade your mind
and nod your head to the rhythm
of electronic disco music

Sit down, sit down . . .
Join us in a game . . .
of cards, or chess,
or death by double-elimination.

Have a cup of coffee . . .
or a can of beer,
or a shot of whiskey,
or a pull of reefer.

The cosmos is mathematical
and methodical and
exciting and fun, and
deliberately subjunctive.

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