Ancestry sent me an update –

Ancestry sent me an update –
I’m more African than before,
not sure how they pulled that off.
Just the other day I told a friend
on facebook I was whiter than most –
Which most? was her quick retort.
I guess we made our points.

3 thoughts on “Ancestry sent me an update –

  1. Tc Anderson

    I, too, suffered under the delusion of blackness
    until Ancestry stripped it away with one report
    claiming more Irish/Scottish roots than I felt comfortable acknowledging
    and even Basque country heritage
    that has long called out to my imagination

    why do we measure blackness, I wonder
    why shun the 1% indigenous South American roots
    or the strange reference to Carlist France?
    who were these strangers who polluted my African soul
    and how do I capture their now ancient memories?

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