From the archives – My Feet Spoke to Me

One day walking home from work
my feet spoke to me. They said:
“Ray, we don’t want you sticking us
in your fancy brown custom-made
dress shoes from Portugal.
They are tight, and our toes
can’t move around freely.”

“OK,” I said, “let’s try
an older pair tomorrow,
something more worn,
more broken in.”

My feet said, “OK, but if we don’t like it,
you won’t like it either.”

I said, “OK, tomorrow we will wear the ECCO’s,
the Baghdad ECCO’s
that are well-worn and broken in.”

The next day my feet spoke to me again.
They said, “Ray, we don’t like the ECCO’s either.
We discussed it among ourselves and decided
we want the brown leather Saucony’s,
you know, the running shoes.”

I said, “but I can’t wear running shoes
to work with a Suit.”

They said, “If you don’t, we won’t like it.
And you won’t like it either.”

So Sunday night I cleaned up
the Sauconys and gave them
a good buffing with cream polish.

Monday morning my feet were smiling!

November 2012

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