Things that change at 65

Medicare kicked in my birthday month –

we kept the family policy as a supplement.

Reduced honey in my tea to half a teaspoon –

in coffee, altogether – black and bitter
the old sailors would say – no drink needs

to be so sweet anymore – or milky –

eliminated cream for a healthy, collagen-

enriched, quickly dissolving solution.

Finally gave up the nine to five. I have
skills still in demand, but only on my terms.
Lucky I have it like that.

Replaced my aging iMac with a current
model – more memory, better speed
and a solid state hard drive.

I’ve returned to pre-dawn walks
by the river. No longer need to charge
the inbound waves – instead I lie
very still and let them wash over me.
Every battery in the house is rechargeable.
All my pens are refillable with ink.
Most of my books are re-readable.
And I’m teaching myself to play
a new musical instrument.

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