voting is a joke – the end of the Republic

The jig is up.
Les jeux sont faits.
The chips are down,
the cards are on the table.

The Founders had a good run.
They developed a fine system of governance,
steeped in enlightenment truth and ancient logic.

But they made one too many compromises
based on human frailty. And in the end
that same human weakness brought about
the demise of their great experiment.

“Shall not perish from the earth”
was just an expression of hope. Nothing
was ever written in stone. Maybe they never
really meant for it to last forever.

What’s next? The best outcome at this point
is a slow, controlled and managed decline –
a gradual loss of freedoms we take for granted,
imperceptible deterioration in services we expect.

Oh, there will be hiccups. Folks won’t take
these changes laying down. There will be songs,
and plays and parades and peaceful protests.
But in the end, we get what we deserve.

Alea iacta est.

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