On the [Inauguration] Installation* of Joseph R. Biden – Live from the Green Zone

Live from the Green Zone

Weather report: High in the low 40’s. Partly cloudy.
Winds from the NW at 8mph. Zero precipitation.
High fences topped with concertina wire blocked
the routes of my normal morning walks. They say
it’s only for a few days. Some say 65,000 National Guard
soldiers were bused in, 21,000 to protect the ceremony,
to keep the people out, to keep politicians in. An impressive
show of force – I guess that’s the new normal.

Spirit cooker Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem,
and Jennifer Lopez did what she does to entertain
the TV audience at home. I was represented by a flag
on the Mall, a final resting place for patriots like me.

How did we arrive at this point in the land of the free,
home of the brave? People voted. Dead people voted.
Living people voted multiple times. Black poll workers,
lest we forget, tossed out ballots for the other guy.
And when, despite their best efforts, the other guy
surged ahead, they “paused” the vote count and
trucked in pre-prepared ballots from warehouses
to swing state polling places to make up the difference.

We have the evidence. We have all the receipts.

It will soon be against the law to talk about it,
but this poetry lives forever. The election was a psy-op,
the attack on the Capitol, a live action role play
designed to fake out the people, the real voters,
and members of Congress. Regretfully, both worked.

The Library of Congress sent the National Youth
Poet Laureate to deliver the Inauguration Poem.
Maybe in her youthful innocence some poetic truth
emerged. But maybe she served as a virgin sacrifice
to the gods of political correction. I hope, I pray
for the former. You decide. Live from the Green Zone.

*I changed the title of this poem after the tens of thousands of National Guard troops were treated so shabbily by the new administration. So much for “God bless our troops.” Thank God President Trump came through in the clutch and provided them the basic human necessities.

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