Did this one ever make it to the blog?

January night

I wake up to pee. It happens in your sixties.
Enlarged prostate, the doctor says. There are pills,
but with a long list of side effects. TMI.
Black cumin seed oil cures everything, they say.

It’s 1:34 am, a frosty January night. I check the temperature
on the window. 10 degrees. Polar vortex. The apartment
is warm, even without running the heat. I check
the inside thermometer: 76F. I peep out of the window
that insulates and separates us from the elements –
No one, not one is stirring in the Bottom tonight.

I hope and pray the homeless have all found
Shelter and protection from the freezing weather.
I return to bed. My wife rolls over and clings to me.
Love is warm for the lucky.

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