The Death of Poetry

My poetry blog has been empty
For over a month. I still write
But can’t publicly post since
Being identified an enemy of the state –

At least so they tell me because
I question the legitimacy
Of a presidential election
That had a pattern of fraud.

Now I must censor myself
If I want to stay out of jail –
There’s no longer freedom of speech
In the home of the brave.

Poetry is dead in a land where
Diversity of thinking is not allowed.
Place poetry in a pretty box.
Lower her gently into her grave.

3 thoughts on “The Death of Poetry

    1. I know. I am taking a course, “The Decline of the American Republic” and reading a book by Bruce Ackerman with the same title. In our first meeting last week we discussed the importance in a republic of living free from fear. I came face to face with my truth that I am living with some fear in this cancel culture. I think each person has to make his or her own stand in their own way against this feeling of fear that surrounds us.


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