from the archives – poems from the crucible

A colleague posted to Facebook that the top-grossing movie on your 21st birthday describes how 2021 will work out for you, or words to that effect. My movie, I discovered, was Carrie. Y’all can look it up it you don’t remember it, but suffice it to say it was a horror flick, the first of its genre. Our conversation on Facebook reminded me of a poem that I think never made it to the poetry blog. I am reproducing it here for your consideration.

Poems from the crucible, #1

I read an African proverb
that a child not embraced
by its village will burn that village
down to feel its warmth.

The mayor lifted the curfew
to appease the rioters – but God
in his infinite wisdom sent a thunderstorm
that made them scurry like cockroaches
when the lights come on.

Another storm is brewing.

If a monument is a lightning rod
and a lightning bolt hits the tip top
does free electricity go into the ground?

Some say abolish the police –
But then who’s Karen gonna call?

Some of us are awake and
Some of us remember you.
So if you wanna tip-toe back here
Don’t come half-stepping – You’d
Better bring your best game.

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