New Haiku

Thursday night haiku

Before the banana republic,
We had a right to swift trial –
A jury of our peers.

Freedom was always
A false promise, an illusion.
Now none can save us.

If you read enough haiku
You begin to write like one –
You begin to be one.

As a consolation
I’m learning to play guitar –
My last breath, a song.

If I had my guitar
I’d write a song right now
With that Haiku.

I hate to end a line
In haiku with a broken verb
Or a preposition.

Not much in the news.
China having horrible
Floods – people dying.

I’m afraid if I
only write haiku, the end
will be near

My mother smoked Salems –
Didn’t help her high blood pressure.

I get a lot more
information on Telegram.
But on Twitter I remain .

is the information battlefield.
Until it isn’t.

We’ll be much smarter
in the second shutdown. We learn
from mistakes and errors.

Midnight Haiku

DC bans menthols –
No more Newports, no more Kools.
Really? All smoke, no fire.

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