Freshman poetry

“I bless the power
That gave Thee birth
To help us in our need…”
– A&T Alma Mater

Summa Cum Laude

“She delights the earth with her footsteps,
and in speaking, fulfills the desires of the deaf”

A flower, a synesthetic glow…
An inflorescent melody
(in search of combination)
That violates its meter
And disregards its rhythm
(as defined by classic standards)
To uphold its right to grow.

A pearl, a diamond, cast among swine…
Tomorrow is retrieved from the rubbish
And polished to a more brilliant luster.

A vessel, undefiled,
Well-built and well-prepared:-
To weather all the storms and blasts;
To sail the oceans, deep and vast;
To overcome the dark morass;
To persevere until the last;-
And with me, heaven, share.

the cactus bloomed.

The cactus bloomed –
we all had lost hope in the cactus.

no one was waiting for the cactus to bloom,
nobody expected anything out of the cactus,’
we all considered the cactus dead.

“a garden enclosed,
a spring shut up,
a fountain sealed…”

the rose of Sharon
the lily of the valley
the bright and morning star…
…is the blossom of a cactus.


From two to ten.
The size increases,
the depth deepens,
the strong grow stronger,
the weak go further off track.

We graduate to higher levels,
we decimate,
we diminish,
we assassinate ourselves
through our ignorance.

Through our ignorance,
through our arrogance,
through our willful
rejection of truth,
we reject our true inheritance.

As we oscillate-
like loose clothes pins,
from one end of the line
to the other-
we pause for a second …

To reflect…
to reclaim what we’ve lost …
to reconsider what we’ve tossed aside…
to re-evaluate our status
as the fittest for survival.

Sonnet – Come Feast Your Eyes…(sonnet)

Come feast your eyes upon this mortal flesh –
This flesh that toiled and suffered on the earth,
And never once backed down from any task;
This frame that housed a spirit and a mind
That dared to live: a spirit that defied the sting of death;
A mind so exalted and sublime,
That it transcends the boundaries of time.

Come feast your eyes upon this mortal flesh –
This earthly form of dirt and dust and clay,
This vessel that once breathed the breath of life.
Look in the eyes and see into the soul:
The virtuous soul, the patient, faithful soul, the soul
At rest; the soul that found contentment in
Its prayer, and thereby freed itself from sin.


We celebrate existence
in the things we do each day.
In each step we take,
in the moves we make,
We celebrate.

We celebrate existence
in our coming, to and fro.
In each game we play
as we go our way,
We celebrate.

We celebrate existence
in our daily life routine.
The sun has blessed us
while so many have oppressed us,
So we celebrate.

We celebrate existence
as we stand before the world.
Let us manifest God’s glory!
Let us tell the untold story!
Let us celebrate!

Notes from Physics 221

external control is the objective,
the prerequisite of which
is knowledge of the workings
of the internal forces which
maintain the equilibrium of the body.

possession of this prerequisite
necessarily implies the attainment
of a proportionate depth of insight
with respect to that body
out of which one wishes to emerge.

separation from that body
enables one to view objectively,
judiciously, impartially the body,
to measure its dimensions,
define its properties,
derive its qualities,
understand its nature and origins.

the energy required
to thrust an internal body outward—


Why then should we be blinded
By the skin’s external hue?
Is supremacy of coloring
The sole reward we’re due?
Can this doctrine heal our sores?
Is it refuge for our grief?
Does it rectify injustice?
Can it bring us true relief?
Nay! But quality of intellect and
Purity of heart and uprightness
Of morals will sustain us…
If the goals we set are true.
Let us, thus, go forth, remake the world,
With truth and strong belief.

We, the students

We exist independent of the filth and
Moral corruption that plagues the modern world.
And although it may be stylish to do wrong,
We refuse to conform, we dare not allow ourselves
To be seduced by the appetites and desires
Whose control give us mastery over creation.
Our lifestyle is unique, we have our own
Ideas of freedom, our own motivating power,
Our own value system. Our behavior is not
Defined by modern psychology, our growth
Is not measured in height or weight, our
Mental power is not classified by IQ, SAT, or ACT scores.
We generate the energy we need to move and grow,
We have our own power source in ourselves. 


courteous but insincere –
as she wishes you peace
and good tidings
and God’s blessings.

polite but uncaring –
as she curtsies, daintily,
and smiles broadly,
and reaches for your hand.

seductive but coldhearted –
as she blows soft words into your ear,
then breathes deeply
and touches the small of your back.

courteous but insincere –
as she wishers you peace,
and good tidings,
and God’s blessings.

They don’t sound like you

When she read my poems, she said,
They don’t sound like you.”
I said, “Neither do I.”

As the letters connect from right to left,
the shrapnel of my mind
connects into a continuous function,
into a pattern plainly visible,

then from this pattern,
we venture out to new frontiers
unchartered regions,
undiscovered domains

Written at the Hyde Park Public Library (Southside Chicago)

browsing indiscriminately
with no conscious direction,
one often manages to stumble upon
and to discover something
previously unnoticed.
the unrestricted, un-academic
search for truth bears fruit
and rewards the seeker with
image-creating power.

what is a poem? if not
an expression of or a need for
something not satisfied by prose and
other genres of literature as
classified by those who classify.

with image-creating power,
one can develop new forms, evolve
new arts, fashion new worlds,
and deliver people from their darkness.

arise and be free
with your image-creating power.
stretch your imagination and
transform it to reality and
then you will be free.

our imagination is our most
priceless asset. With imagination
we can reupholster all of creation.
image-making power changes
illusion and converts confusion
into true reality. Consider
what you want to be and
call on all your senses, understand
the angels and use them to restore…


And our minds are so well developed…
and we know all the reasons
why such-and-such phenomenon exists

Beautiful women,
with full bosoms
and well-developed bottoms
and immaculately charming faces,
smelling so sweetly –
like an early spring morning.

Beautiful women,
so numerous
and so common-place,
that their beauty loses its fascination,

and becomes just another piece
of post-Renaissance art.

Random notes

No poem can aptly describe
Nor even metaphorically allude to
The satisfaction your smiles (words) bring

No music harmonious and soft,
Though it issue from the chambers of heaven
(alt. being sung by heavenly choirs
alt. when issuing from heavenly chambers)
can fill me with such peace of mind
as the lullabies you sing…

no wine, no weed, no opiate,
though pleasing to the senses,
con so uplift the forlorn soul
and reignite the flame grown cold
as when of you I dream.

Cosmos Club

Come in, come in…
Let the smoke invade your mind
and nod your head to the rhythm
of electronic disco music

Sit down, sit down…
Join us in a game…
of cards, or chess,
or death by double-elimination.

Have a cup of coffee
or a can of beer
or a shot of whiskey
or a pull of reefer.

The cosmos is mathematical
and methodical and
exciting and fun, and
deliberately subjunctive.

Notes from English 100

A wistful word,
A note of apprehension:

Of expectancy;
Of eager reception…

Of the earnest enthusiasm
That accompanies the dawn…

Of the burning desire
That flourishes at noon…

Of the silent longing
That dies at dusk…

And renews itself,
And replenishes itself,
And rekindles itself again and again…

As it travels towards
Perfection of expression.

To Althea (the Healer)

self-protection was my intention –
to steer myself clear of
those things that cause me pain.

but sometimes pain is necessary
for growth, for development,
for maturation. And sometimes,
painful things cannot be avoided…

so love me, love me as if
there will be no tomorrow,
no future trace of memory or pain…
love me as if we’ll never know
separation: eternal, incessant love…

and when comes time
for my departure, love me
unforgettably, unregrettably, as if
time itself had no meaning, and
make me know with certainty
our love will stand the test of time.

Alchemy (Notes from Chemistry 101)

broken pieces
scattered all about,
resisting silently
their reconstruction.

subatomic particles
in random motion
looking for the best nucleus
to revolve around.

mass confusion
and disorder
as the electrons collide,
mix and split,

rejecting organization,
and responding
only to light
from a pure source.

Reeling backwards

Reeling backwards –
Trying to patch up holes,
Repair broken hearts,
Tighten leaking seams.

Pausing momentarily –
Dillusioned, disenchanted,
Running out of steam.

Flying forward –
Fueled by my dreams.

Notes from Botany 140

More and more in living as growing young men and women and grown men and women and men and women in their middle living, more and more there comes to be in them differences in loving repeating in different kinds of men and women, there comes to be in some more and in some less loving repeating. Loving repeating in some is a going on always in them of earthly being, in some it is the way to completed understanding. Loving repeating then in some is their natural way of complete being.”
Gertrude Stein, “Loving Repeating”

Generations alternating
naturally selecting,
introducing variation,
peacefully refusing
weak connections and denying
life to those that can’t survive.

Generations alternating
genetically mutating,
giving rise to every feature,
showing bias to no creature,
but preserving in its nature
its desires and its drive.

Generations alternating
gametes fertilizing,
energizing all creation,
changing forms without cessation,
seeking just that combination
that will make its species thrive.


melanin –
a precious gift
a priceless gift
thru which
we translate sunlight
into soul
into righteousness
into peace and love
into truth and happiness

melanin –
a spiritual compound
giving us the capacity
to convert filth in the atmosphere
into food for the mind
into energy for the spirit
into nourishment for the soul.

melanin –
a blessing from on high,
bright and brilliant as the sun,
dark and rich like fertile soil,
everlasting and supreme.