Cheval Volant. Bronze, Chine. Epoque des Hans posterieurs.

Cheval Volant.  Bronze,  Chine.  Epoque des Hans posterieurs.

Man and the Expanding Universe – Love

Love expands in space
Fills every crack and crevice
overcomes all hate –

Physicists say it’s not the universe
but space that expands – and material

things spread out to fill the new space
if their internal energies allow it –

love in the world wants to spread and
fill the expanding space – we gotta let it…

Tommy Bartlett’s Water Ski Show

postcard from J Busch

Flashbacks to Pike Place

Yesterday I received a poem on
a postcard about a city I used to know
and a street market I often visited
to buy seafood and books and frankincense.
The poem even featured a recent emigrant
from North Carolina: me, time-traveling
again. I quickly flashed back to the early ‘80’s,
and long, lonely submarine deployments,
and the Cold War. And rainy rides to Seattle
via the Bainbridge Island Ferry, to shop
for books in the U district and
at Pike Place Market, always anticipating
the next voyage to the bottom of the sea.

Postcard from Spokane

Postcard from Spokane

Man and the expanding universe: truth

truth expands outward
yields right-of-way to falsehood
continues on its path

Maria dos Santos Pittsylvania
is my Muse and avatar in Second Life

she is a pink body-suited android
and she knows how to dance Kizomba

her steps are pure poetry –
her smile – deliverance – truth

Postcard from Seattle

Postcard from Seattle

Got my transfer orders the other day,
be heading out to my next post
real soon. Brushing off the
old dust, washing all those memories
of the process right out of my head.
Delivery was a tortuous path,
and labor was unusually lengthy –
not like the last time when the path
was smooth and we just slid right
out. Oh no, this time was painful,
and slow and unpredictable – but in
some ways better, thorough, meaningful,
more comprehensive. Thank God it’s the
last transfer point on the Orange Line.

David Sibley, Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea), 2013

David Sibley, Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea), 2013

Found Poetry (notes from LSC 557)

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first game: concept blocking, also called nesting

Andrea Sechrist, Dreaming of You, 1922

Andrea Sechrist, Dreaming of You, 1922

Introducing Maria

another crazy dance with Maria dos Santos Pittsylvania:
she loves to do the Tango, Lambada, Kizomba –
always well-dressed, her steps are technically
choreographed, mechanically proficient.
The rhythm, the beat of the music determines
each step, each twirl, each bump, each groove:
but the melody stirs the heart, and you want
to peek into her eyes, cast a flirtatious glance, at least –
then the beat shifts, requiring a technical adjustment,
precision; and attention to the glance you seek
gets diverted to the mechanics of the dance, again –
and you know it’s OK, because Maria is an android
in a pretty pink body suit. And you think yourself
a knight in shining armor – this is Second Life, silly.

Harmony ca. 1930, collection of Levi Hirschler

Harmony ca. 1930, collection of Levi Hirschler

Morning river walk

The tide is low
the current is calm –
and flat, and still
like a mirror, reflecting
in near perfect symmetry
images of flora and statuary
from the far side –

and on the near side
the polk salad weeds are
growing tall
and bowing over –
their leaves too long,
too brown
for human consumption.